03.07.: IDE Bash with NetBeans, JetBrains, Oracle and Eclipse

On July, 3rd, the big IDE Shootout of the JUGC took place with the official representatives of JetBrains, Oracle, Eclipse und NetBeans. The event was sponsored by theserverside.com with drinks and pizza. Every IDE had a speaking slot of 30 minutes before a panel discussion ended the happening. The event was the first one world-wide where the leading Java IDEs joined one session and even Eclipse was part of it.
Details on jugcologne.org.

f.l.t.r: Wayne Beaton (Eclipse Evangelist, Eclipse Foundation, Ottawa, Canada), Ann Oreshnikova (Marketing Director JetBrains, St. Petersburg), Michael Hüttermann (JUGC/host), Roman Strobl (NetBeans Evangelist, Sun Microsystems, Prague), Frank Nimphius (Principal Product Manager Oracle/JDeveloper, Germany), Maxim Shafirov (JetBrains, Responsible for IntelliJ IDEA, St. Petersburg), Mike Aizatsky (JetBrains, Responsible for Web Development IntelliJ IDEA, St. Petersburg).

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