JavaSpektrum 4.2007 JavaOne 2007 article: Redux

The current JavaSpektrum issue No. 4 2007 contains a report from my JavaOne trip this year to San Francisco. I was invited by Sun Microsystems and glady accepted the invitation to lead a BOF.

So time goes on and meanwhile the article is a bit obsolete in one point. There is an Eclipse plugin for JavaFX now. So you are not fixed to NetBeans if you wonna try JavaFX. The quality of the plugin is ok ... you know, the whole technology is pretty new.

An update on a second point: Germany will host a Sun Tech Day in 2007. This is a big honour and success for the german Java community. Actually I was the first one who was informed about that by Sun's director of Technology Outreach personally. The Sun Tech Day will take place December 5-7, 2007 in Frankfurt.

You can find the PDF version of the article here.

Enjoy the article. :-)


Paris Apostolopoulos said...

Hello Mike, very glad you switched to a proper blog + english posts!Keep blogging!

suntogaaron said...


I wanted to thank you again for being on the JUG leader panel at the JavaOne JUG BOF-1382 and also your contributions to the international developer panel with the US press representatives at JavaOne.

Congratulations on getting your article published with JavaSpektrum...we will be referring to it.

See you at the Sun Tech Days in Franfurt Germany in December (2007)

Many Thanks

Aaron Houston
Program Coordinator
Java User Groups
Java Champions
Technology Outreach
Sun Microsystems, Inc
Menlo Park, Ca

suntogaaron said...

correction...that was Frankfurt, Germany as the site for the German Sun Tech Days event....