XPDays 2007

The XPDays Germany 2007 will take place November, 23th in Karlsruhe. It is the leading conference in Germany dealing with agile topics and the sister of other XPDays in other countries. This year I'm part of the program committee and currently evaluating the submissions.

BTW: have a look on my Wikipedia article about Extreme Programming. I wrote the article last summer with the help of a hand full censors. As I started the article it was something like a draft, some few sentences. After my editing it received the predicate "worth reading" and is a very verbose german essay on the topic -- I did not see any other article until now which is free as well and contains a similar complex discussion.

It was really helpful to get feedback by people who normally work in totally other disciplines. I remember a lot of nightly discussions with people who do not have any technical skills at all. Thanks Wikipedia.

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