2007 Java Developer's Journal Readers' Choice Awards

TeamCity (have a look on my current Javamagazin article) was recently voted to be the best "Best Team Development Tool" in conjunction with IntelliJ IDEA. Thrilling! IDEA itself was finalist in several other Java/JEE relevant categories, often better placed than Eclipse.

Beside that TeamCity was voted to be finalist at 2007 Java Developer's Journal Readers' Choice Awards in the category Best Java Project Build Tool. The number one build tool is Ant. Other finalists are Maven and JBuilder/TeamInsight. That is pretty interesting: Ant and Maven are basic technologies behind the scene which can also be used by TeamCity. Other CI servers like Luntbuild or CruiseControl are not mentioned. Be aware that the nomination is based on TeamCity 1.0 and meanwhile TeamCity 2.1 is available which is several dimensions more efficient, function-rich and usable than TeamCity 1.0.

Good work JetBrains! One year of work on TeamCity and now providing one of the most thrilling and most appreciated build servers! And IDEA is highly appreciated too. Look at the current milestone release of Version 7.

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Slava Imeshev said...

Michael, our Parabuild may be worth a look without regard to JDJ. Parabuild has been a source of inspiration for other projects for quite some time.


Slava Imeshev