JUGC talk with Mike Keith, Oracle, August, 21th

On August, 21th Oracle persistence expert Mike Keith gave a talk for the Java community in Cologne. About 65 persons attended the amazing presentation about EJB 3.0 and JPA. The EJB 3 co-spec lead devided the talk into two parts of 45 minutes: firstly he introduced EJB 3 and its benefits especially compared to EJB 2.x, the second part dealed with JPA. Many questions were asked and answered thoroughly. Mike's slides are here. After the talk I did a raffle distributing books, shirts, the IntelliJ IDEA license and some other stuff.

After the official part about 15 persons went to a local bar having fun and some more deep discussions. Many thanks to PROKODA for sponsoring the great location, finger-food and drinks including Kölsch on tap. Also thanks to Apress for sponsoring several copies of Mike's book, JetBrains again for providing a full license of IntelliJ IDEA and Mike Keith for his time. Mike is a very nice guy -- if you have the chance to talk to him at any conference, don't miss the opportunity. The next JUGC event will be in October. Have a look on the JUGC site for updates.

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