JUGC: JavaFX talk October, 16th

I managed to get Sun Microsystem's Java Technology Evangelist Simon Ritter for a talk about JavaFX for our Cologne Java community. On October, 16th 2007 Simon Ritter is visiting the Cologne JUG talking about JavaFX. JavaFX is a new Java Client technology announced by Sun on the JavaOne this year. Have a look on my JavaSpektrum JavaOne article. For more information on the Java technology outreach program have a look here and for the event have a look on http://jugcologne.org.


Sergey Surikov said...

What you think about CRUDFx (http://cld.blog-city.com/javafx_code_samples__crudfx__javafx__derby__jdbc.htm )?

Michael Hüttermann said...

looks interesting ... meanwhile there are also many other examples and demos in the web ... let's see in which direction this topic will go .... it will be even more interesting as soon as the consumer jre is rolled out.