JUG Cologne - coming up ... !

Last Monday the Java User Group Cologne hosted an event consisting of two talks: GWT, the Google Web Toolkit, with Patrick Chanezon from Google and "Scrum with JSR 264: Order Management API" with Andreas Ebbert-Karroum.

After that great success the next happening is already coming. On August, 25th WebTest will be presented by its main contributor Marc Guillemot. Afterwards beginning of September we will have a double-feature again .. yes, two conferences during one week .. "Spring Security Patterns", with Mike Wiesner from SpringSource and "Scala" from Ingo Maier, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne EPFL.

The autumn is a Spring automn: October, 13th we'll have a Spring double-feature: "Dependency injection for business objects" with Nils Wloka and "Spring Source Advanced Pack for Oracle" with Stefan Glase und Stefan Scheidt. All three guys are well-known Java experts from Opitz-Consulting. Then the next highlight is on November, 3rd. There Stefan Tilkov will speak about JSR 311 / REST and Dalibor Topic about "OpenJDK".

And do not forget the regulars' table of JUGC every last Friday in the month! A lot is happening in Cologne in the Java community ecosystem.

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