Agile Tooling talk at Devoxx

December 8th I will give a talk at the Devoxx (formerly known as Javapolis) conference in Antwerp, Belgium, about Agile Testing of Java Rich Clients. In this session we show how to test Java Rich Client applications in a comprehensive and sophisticated way. Firstly we write component tests with TestNG. Then we write functional acceptance in HTML with Fit. We bind our Fit-tests to TestNG in order to bridge the technical barrier between unit and functional tests. Visual components are driven and tested by FEST in a sophisticated fluent interface notation. These facets are part of a full-fledged infrastructure based on Maven. Practical tips and and best-practices do complete this highly interactive session.

You will also meet me at the JUG leaders event December, 10th and I think there will be a Java Champions gathering too. If you are interested in having a coffee together at European's best Java conference drop me a line! My schedule is full with official and semi-official meetings and events, but we will definitely find a minute! :-)

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