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My last post was some days ago .. so here I catch up with a couple of news. The last Java User Group Cologne event on February, 9th was a big success. We had an advanced talk about AOP. Additionally I managed to get Corneliu Vasile Creanga from Adobe to Cologne to talk about Flex, Air and the integration to Java. Stay tuned for the next events and prepare yourself for some surprises. ;-)

GeeCON invited me to give a talk in Cracow in May. I will talk about "From Zero to Hero: Simplifying Development and Testing of GUIs with the Swing Application Framework (JSR-296) and FEST". Thank you, looking forwarding visiting you fantastic guys and that lovely city.

Also in May I will give a workshop about "Agile Testing of Java Rich Clients" during the SQS Software & Systems Quality Conference 2009. Beside agile concepts, functional/acceptance/component testing and general GUI testing strategies the workshop will cover a full-fledged infrastructure to test and inspect the design/code of your application. Tools discussed are Findbugs, Checkstyle, EMMA, TestNG, FEST, EasyMock, PMD, Fit, Ant, Maven, a continuous integration server and a couple of others. Beside other frameworks and solutions I will also discuss JavaFX. Looking forward giving that interactive power workshop.

The current isse 3.2009 of Javamagazin published my article about IntelliJ IDEA 8.0 and RubyMine. Check it out if you like to be informed about what is going on at the bleeding edge of IDE development.

March, 3rd the Agile 2009 will close its call for papers. I'm responsible for the Tools for Agility track. Many good submissions already went in .. expect a great program.

I'm in the program committee of JavaOne 2009. A bunch of talks were already accepted, many are still in review. It is hard to filter the best and most interesting talks out of those billions submissions. You can already register for the worlds best and biggest Java conference -- sorry, Stephan ;-) -- taking place in San Francisco beginning of June.


Freddy Mallet said...

Hi Michael, If you have so much interest for PMD, Checkstyle, Findbugs, Code coverage, agility and eventually Open Source ... Have a look to Sonar. You get all in one tool ;-)

Michael Hüttermann said...

Freddy, thank you. An interesting project !!