Remaining conference performances 2009

The remaining months of 2009 I will have a different activities focus than conference performances. Nevertheless, there are a few talks I will give and events you can see me 2009:

- Agile 2009, August 24-28, as being the responsible stage producer for the Tools for Agility track.
- Java User Group Munich, October, 12th, "Simplifying Development and Testing of GUIs with the Swing Application Framework (JSR 296) and FEST"
- Devoxx, November, 19th, Methodology talk, details will follow ..

This list is limited to conferences where I will appear. It does not include Java User Group Cologne events I organize myself, seminars/workshops and similar.

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sunahouston said...

Hi Michael.. glad to hear you are visiting other JUGs like the Munich JUG...Hope to see you at DEVOXX --Aaron