One more year ...

Almost 2010, wow, time is running. And so much happened this year. I supported different projects in the context of Java/JEE, build-, config-, deploy-, release-management and Agile software development, gave a bunch of seminars (including my Java Tooling Bootcamp), wrote multiple articles, gave presentations at JavaOne and other happenings, was responsible stage producer for the tooling track of "Agile 2009", organized many great JUG Cologne events with awesome speakers, and much more .. thrilling!

What will happen next year? Well, who knows! ;-) Some things are already fix including new publications. First of all, I'm writing two books at the moment. The first book is in English. It will be visible soon, stay tuned. The other book is in German. That one, I write with a co-author. Also this book will be public soon enough. :-)

What else? I got a lot of invitations speaking at conferences. Thank you, .. but I don't know yet which ones I can join for speaking. The priority is to finish the books.

OK, thank you for reading, and sorry, that I do not update the blog frequently. Blogs are becoming more and more a legacy channel IMO, it is easier to post a message on Twitter. ;-) And if I write some more detailed things, this happens in form of books, and from time to time articles. Sorry, I'm more a traditional print medium guy. ;-)

Have a nice day!


Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen said...

I want to comment how much I appreciate your effort in the Cologne JUG. This year was my first year in Germany, and the JUG has considerably brightened up my personal experience of working in the Rhein-Ruhr area. Thank you so much :)

Michael Hüttermann said...

Hi Thomas, thank you for your kind words! :)