what a wonderful error message, aka: two favorites

There are many things I extremely like. Let's illustrate two of my favorites with a descriptive example. Firstly, I like "meaningful" error messages. You know what I mean, nonsense messages adding no value, just being meaningless, no help for the poor user to solve the issue. Rather killing his last razor-thin rest of motivation to get it running.

And a second favorite what I really like is the Eclipse plugin hell. Disclaimer: I really like working with Eclipse! I'm in the JetBrains Academy, but this does not say anything about that. All tools are good, all tools have their pros and cons, I'm also independent in this tooling context. It is just the amount of plugins and cross-dependencies and the way of required issue resolving in case you have configured your Eclipse distribution (and actually yourself too) into a horrible blind alley. Frequently, in cases where you are really fucked up, the only solution is to completely re-start from scratch. It was becoming much better meanwhile in the Eclipse ecosystem though due to some bunch releasing of components.

Guess what! and now bet what is the top of imagination: a fuXXing error message while installing an Eclipse plugin:

Happy hacking!

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