Agile ALM -update-

- My completed manusript is idling in Manning's content management system since end of March, and waits to be read by everyone who is interested in Agile Application Lifecycle Management -- a more detailed definition of the target audience is provided in the preface (hmm, maybe I could already publish the preface on my web site? that would help to give you an even deeper impression. Will think about that..)

- May, 14th, Manning renamed the guy they put on the project to be an "editor" (formely they called him "polisher"). The guy is not an employee of Manning, he is a guy busy in the Configuration Management domain . I'm not sure, why Manning has choosen him to do the editing job. Configuration Management is an aspect of my book for sure, but, perhaps it has a part of 1%, depending on the definition.

- As you already know, the editor (formely known as "polisher"), sent me the preface and the first chapter back, in an edited revision. Beside punctuation, some synonyms here and there, we had verbose daily communications about many things, e.g. citations. I've returned the resulting versions of the preface and the first chapter on the same business day. Maybe I will give more details on those daily debates later. Interestingly, many phrasings now look the same as they looked like before I've incorporated the feedback from Manning's reviewers and other guys and services

- Manning committed to finish the polishing process by May, 23th, on the completed manuscript. Looks like, this will not happen: they "polished" about 35 pages from 300+ in total, until now.

- Last Friday (May, 14th), the polisher/editor committed on delivering edited revisions of chapter 2, chapter 3 and chapter 4, by Monday (this is tomorrow, May, 17th). I've not received anything yet (now it is Sunday).

- Polishing two chapters a week (Manning's original committment) was very feasible in my opinion, especially, because of the fact that the manuscript was reviewed and edited by 10+ people and also by a commercial service (that I've hired), beside the reviewers who were recruited by Manning. But obviously, the "polisher/editor" overcommited on this editing task, maybe due to other work, unfortunately

- Still no update on entering MEAP mode

- And, finally, I will include a statement of Ted Neward, that he gives me in the context of "continuous integration", more on that later (also more details on all these great contributions, reviews and all that, will follow)

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