Agile ALM: -update-

Now, my completed manuscript is edited by Manning's polisher, completely. (edited based on the already edited version, that I've provided) At the moment, Manning is running another review on all chapters. I have no details about when this external review will be finished. And there is still no concrete timeline available about entering Manning Early Access Program (MEAP), or production. I have the publisher's GO meanwhile, though, that the book can enter MEAP mode, and that they do that these days. I hear that since end of 2009, thus I want to see that in my browser. :-) The book will be promoted to production very soon (according to publisher).

05/31 Last chapter edited/polished by Manning
05/23 Milestone: Manning's editing was scheduled to be completed today
04/23 Manning put a polisher/editor on the project, timeline for him:
editing 2 chapters a week
04/08 I submitted the revised manuscript, after incorporating feedback
from Manning's reviewers
03/28 I submitted the completed manuscript

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