November, 14th: Lehmanns book store, Hamburg

On November, 14th I will follow an invitation and give a talk in the Lehmanns book store, Kurze Mühren 6, 20095 Hamburg. Host is Lehmanns and the Java User Group Hamburg. My talk will discuss an agile infrastructure to develop Java Rich UI Swing appliations. And beside that I present my book "Agile Java-Entwicklung in der Praxis".

"Individuals and interactions over processes and tools" is one value pair of the Agile Manifesto. Yes, communication is more important than tools, but this does not mean tools are unimportant. Far from it! Using the right tools right we will improve our quality significantly.

Starting with Subversion I will integrate TestNG, Jemmy and Fit to specify and drive the features. Complementary tools like Checkstyle for code metrics, EasyMock for test isolation and EMMA for code coverage optimize the process and the quality of our artifacts. We will use Eclipse as IDE and set up an continuous integration environment with Ant and CruiseControl.

If you will be there on Wednesday drop in, join the happening and say hello. I look forward talking to you.

Start is November, 14th at 8 pm.


Renat Zubairov said...


Will you post your slides also here? Or may be a screencast?

Michael Hüttermann said...

Hi, my slides are available at Amazon. ;-) Just a joke ... although you will also find the content of my presentation in my book. It is a good idea to make some slides, code snippets I will use ... available on my site, thanks for the idea. I will do this. If you have the chance to be in Cologne or at one of the regular big next conferences ... let me know and we may find a slot to chat and have a drink.

Michael Hüttermann said...

Hi Renat, the talk was taped ... it will be posted soon.