November, 23th Karlsruhe: XP Days and "Java User Group Karlsruhe"

On November, 23th I will make a trip to Karlsruhe. During the day I will join the XP Days 2007, the conference dedicated to agile development. My current plan is to join the following sessions:

"DSL am Beispiel Groovy" with Bernd Schiffer
"Agile Entwicklung einführen" with Jens Coldewey
"Das Ganze sehen" with Sabine Canditt and Jennifer Schiller
"Why Agile Projects fail" with Joseph Pelrine and Jiri Lundak
"Was folgt nach Scrum bei SAP?" with Christian Schmidkonz and Henrik Stotz

In my opinion the whole conference is nicely set up ... and I feel good about the output being in the program committee this year.

At 7.15 pm I will give the talk
"Developing Java Rich UI Applications"
for the Java User Group Karlsruhe at
Fachschaft Informatik an der Universität Karlsruhe (TH)
Gebäude 50.34
Multimediahörsal im UG
Raum -101
Am Fasanengarten 5
76131 Karlsruhe

The topic is similar to the talk I gave in Hamburg some days ago. BTW: the talk in Hamburg was pretty interesting. About 100 people were count there. Thanks to Björn, Dirk and Daniel for inviting me and organizing the happening. Not only the talk was fun with some nice questions, but also the time afterwards. We had some drinks downtown ...

Expect several copies of my book as give-aways in Karlsruhe.

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