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Sun Microsystems invited me again to take part at the JavaOne 2008 in San Francisco in May. The biggest, most leading and thrilling Java conference in the world! Thank you very much, Sun! I'm also proud that I was in the group which reviewed the JavaOne submissions .. I'm thrilled about the program this year. Again fantastic! +++ Before, in March I will be guest at the JSFDays in Vienna meeting Ed Burns again and all these nice JSF guys. +++ I'm Zone Leader at JetBrains Zone at DZone. Join the zone and read leading reports and news about JetBrains and its products like IntelliJ IDEA, TeamCity ... +++ If you like to see me and learn more about agile development (what it really means, anti-patterns, infrastructure) you may want to join my 1-day seminar March 3rd (in German). +++ As you know I drive the Java User Group Cologne (JUGC) ... the next meeting is February, 11th. We have two talks then .. Johannes Link will speak about Groovy and Roman Strobl will visit us coming from Prague and speaks about NetBeans 6.0. Further details on jugcologne.org. Oh yes .. the JUGC changed its location for the regulars table .. it takes place every last Friday in the month in Bar Txangurro. Very nice there. And a last hint to the next JUGC talk .. I managed it to lure Dr. Neil Gafter (Google) to Cologne. He will speak on March 10th about a topic of your choice .. decide on the JUGC mailing list (enter it via JUGC site, right sidebar) if he will speak about Closures, Java Puzzlers, new language features in JDK 7 ... if you have an advanced question about Java, this is the chance to get it answered. You should come early this evening .. to get a seat for seeing and discussing with this JUGC rock star speaker !! +++ There is a small bunch of copies of my book available at Amazon again. Hurry up with ordering ;-) .. I guess also this re-order of Amazon will probably be sold out soon and O'Reilly has to fulfil the aimed reprint of copies ..


Paris Apostolopoulos said...

Excellent news Mike lucky you!!Hey will you bring me a JavaOne08 bag? :P

thanks thanks thanks!

Greetings from Greece!

Michael Hüttermann said...

Hi Paris, yes, I will try .. should I go to Chinatown too? What about a new good camera? ;-)