Weekend in Prague, or: "Meeting JetBrains" ..

From Friday to Sunday I was on a business trip to Prague. It was a fantastic tour. After this and that I visited the JetBrains office in Prague. I met over half a dozen JetBrains guys and gals, did a walkabout through the location, the pool, the kitchen all this stuff you need for productive work. :-)

After some chatting and after I pilgrimaged three times around the magic desktops ;-) we moved to downtown eating something and having some drinks .. I was happy that the native ones had some very good hints what to eat and especially what to drink .. there are some parallels comparing Prague and Cologne .. also in Prague it is typical to drink very tasty beer brewed by small, comfy taverns .. a great happening and exchange of ideas.

Later on some of us moved further for meeting Roman and Geertjan from Sun Microsystems. Sun has a pretty big office in Prague. We went to further bars, chatting about this and that, exchanging very interesting things which are not eligible to be posted here. :-) But believe me: it was much, much fun and veeery interesting!
We also had some very intensive technical discussions about Java and IDEs of course including an informal IDE shootout (part II). Saturday I saw a bit of the city (with daylight) and worked a bit .. before I flew back to Cologne today.

It was a very nice weekend kicking off some new projects and activities and having much fun .. thrilling meeting Ann, Vaclav, Ilia, Dave, Britt, Jana, ...., and from the dark side ;-) Roman (NetBeans evangelist, who gave a talk last Monday in Cologne on NetBeans 6), Geertjan (NetBeans technical writer, co-author of the book "Rich Client Programming" and zone leader on DZone) and others ...

One conclusion could be: stay tuned for further development. ;-)


Lucy said...

I see more and more tourists come over to Prague not only to see beautiful architecture but because of drink price pleasant and at the same time high quality beer. Czech brewing has a long history and Czech beer is among the best in the world (Czechs would swear that it is the number one), not to mention the price in Prague restaurants for Czech beer! Half a liter costs approximately 20 CZK. Now there can be no wonder about the reasons for the beer-tourism!

Anonymous said...

I’ve been to Prague many times and I never get sick of it. Last time I was there for 15days. I found the city beautiful, like a fairytale land, the towers, the castles and the cathedral gives the city that mystic ambient that I love.
I love Czech people they are very nice and friendly and also a literate society, as you can see here in this government document. Besides the small streets I loved the place we slept in I’ll leave you here a very good site about Prague hotels, they are cheap and very pleasant.
Yes the beer is so cheap and the best ever!

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