JUGC: Terracotta, IntelliJ IDEA and TeamCity

The Java User Group Cologne is very active in May. Actually we have two events in one week. On Monday, 26th Jonas Boner will give a talk about Terracotta. Jonas is a well-known guy and Terracotta provides a thrilling VM clustering. So it promises to be a nice show. It will take place in the University of Cologne beginning 6.30 pm.

Some days later, on Friday, 30th Vaclav Pech from JetBrains will give a talk at Cafe Teba beginning 6.30 pm. We will speak about IntelliJ IDEA and TeamCity in this very comfortable, intimate location. For the time after the talk I organised a belly dancer .. she will give us a nice performance. The event is open end .. so we will go further to other bars later but will stay in Cafe Teba until 10 or even 11 for sure (having tasty eat and drinks). Seating is limited to 35 persons. Expect some VIPs and much fun .. the regulars table in May is cancelled!

For more details please have a look on the JUGC site. There you can also register for the talks. BTW: recently I gave the JUG web site a little lifting .. now you can find all JUGC facets very easy (hopefully) and without any knickknack. .. and especially .. I did not like the wordpress blog format any more .. and I did activate some spam bots in the past which hacked wordpress adding funny comments. I skipped upgrading to a different version of wordpress, but installed Confluence enterprise wiki now.

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