This morning we had a plumber in our house. Our shower was defect in we gave him a call. What did he do? He installed a new hardware. But it was not only a default one -the cheapest on the market- it also has less features than the defect one. No, we do not want to fill the bath tube manually! To make matters worse the plumber wanted to bill 2 1/2 working hours for that, a task which took him 15 minutes. And he wanted to repair something totally different too, a part not defect at all. Of course this will go into another iteration.

Why do I write this? I think about some externals I worked with recently: billing (too many hours) for some activities which do not fit to the customer's goal, delivering the cheapest worst solution without synchronizing with the customer at all. The provided solution do provoke intensive manual activities continuously. Wow, there are some massive parallels between (bad) plumbers and (bad) IT consultants.

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