Tooling + Team = Agile

Pretty often I monitor anti patterns, suboptimal or even manual centric approaches and misuse of tools. As described a couple of times in my blog already or explained in my conference talks, workshops and seminars it is very important to create a setting of right tools which are used right -- aligned at the customers' individual requirements.

But tooling is only one recipe to work in an efficient and "Agile" way, the other is the team communication. A direct, open, constructive team communication is even more important than using the right tools right as you may remember from the first value pair of the Agile Manifesto. Yes, you may say "Natch! Those soft skills are widly spread". But also here I often monitor anti patterns which are of disadvantage for the customer.

If you want to learn more about Agile development with using the right tools (for your individual environment) in a cooperative atmosphere just to save money, increase motivation and finish your project successfully please read my book or join my bootcamp or my other seminars or wait for my second book :-). You may also want to drop me a line if you think you may have some room for improvement, or just need another unladen opinion.

Many of you ask me to write more and in more detail about tooling, teaming and best practices giving my opinion online .. many of my fellows do that, I know .. I'm sorry, but running already on 140% workload, .. I will point to performances here mainly, but .. ok, I will improve :-) Please monitor the performance area on my site to be informed about my articles and all this other stuff where I discuss Agile in more detail continuously ..

Addendum: Tooling + Team = Agile. Yes, you are right, it must say Tooling + Team + x = Agile. ;-)

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