Fragile Agile

My German book "Fragile Agile" has a face now, i.e. a cover. The book is published by Hanser. This has the effect that we may win the nobel prize with this book 2011, as Hanser did this year with another book. In contrast to this other book, our book here is more for a mass market.

This book is co-authored by Pavlo Baron. We write it in a very close collaboration, you may say, in an Agile way.

As you may expect when you read the title, the book is a unique, very interesting discussion of Agile and ... but stop, let's wait until May for more details on this book. With May, Hanser will list the book officially. This also means you can order it in advance then, e.g. via Amazon, this lovely online book store. This is all for now, cheers!


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